7 Essential Skills Every Networker Should Have

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Becoming a successful Indepentent WEWE Ambassador (IWA) on WEWE Global requires mastering different types of skills. Once you have perfected these skills, you and your team will achieve whatever goals you set.

WEWE Global is a community composed of Independent WEWE Ambassadors (IWA) or digital entrepreneurs who aim to connect the world to the innovative services that the platform offers. Being an IWA is not as simple as creating an account on WEWE Global. It is a commitment where your leadership capabilities and other skills will play an important role.

Here are the seven essential skills that an IWA, or digital entrepreneur should possess to succeed:


You can never go wrong when you have self-discipline since it is a very useful skill in every aspect of life. Self-discipline is a combination of common sense, setting priorities straight, and thinking before doing.

When you have self-discipline, you carry on with your plans until you accomplish them no matter what happens. It gives you the ability to persevere and stay motivated. Moreover, it helps you develop good habits while disposing the bad ones. It imparts you the power to control yourself and avoid doing things that could lead to negative consequences. Self-discipline also gives you the strength to not give up and accomplish long-term goals.


Being puntual or on-time says a lot about you as a networker. If you tell a potential client that you will meet them at a certain time, you gave them a type of promise that you should not break. When you arrive for an appointment or team meeting at the agreed schedule, it shows that you are a man of your word.

Being on time will also show that people can depend on you. If you say that you will be there for them and you kept your promise, your team or your potential clients will know that you are reliable. Moreover, it shows that you have the utmost respect for others. Being late is intrinsically selfish because it pushes others’ needs to the side to prioritize yours.

When you are punctual, your potential clients and team members will know that you can organize your time and set aside unnecessary things to take care of what is important.


Communication is a part of being a networker, and communicating is not only about speaking, it’s also about listening. Just because you can hear, doesn’t mean that you can listen. Practice active listening. It is a method in which you concentrate on what is being said without casting any form of judgment. Here’s how you can listen actively:

  1. Give your full concentration to what is being said to you. Avoid distractions and don’t formulate a response.
  2. Look at the person talking and nod occasionally to show that you are engaged with the conversation.
  3. Don’t interrupt when the person is talking. Wait for them to finish before asking questions.
  4. Summarize what you have understood about what has been explained.

A networker with effective listening skills will reap numerous advantages: it will make you a better leader, demonstrate that you are perceptive, and improve your interpersonal relationships with your team.

Public Speaking

You might have seen other independent WEWE ambassadors (IWAs) who conduct their presentations online or on-stage. There will come a time that where you are the one holding the microphone.

Speaking before thousands of people is not just about memorizing a speech. It is about relaying important information to the audience and presenting your innovative ideas to help your team and potential clients to succeed. It is about the ability to persuade the crowd and win their hearts. It is about being cool and collected on stage, speaking with poise, and answering questions with confidence. When you master the art of public speaking, you will have the ability to motivate people, change their behavior, and unleash their full potential.

Being Collaborative

Teamwork works when you are a collaborative team leader. As an IWA, you need to know how to improve how each of your team members work together to solve problems. When you and your team members are collaborative, you will have the ability to brainstorm ideas, learn from each other, and impart different skills to achieve your goals.

Collaboration makes your team adaptable too, preparing them to face different situations that may arise in the future. This makes you realize your common goal as a team. When each of your team members know what their goals are, it will be easier for them to understand their roles and the purpose of their work.


Edification is about uplifting someone or your team member. When you edify a person, you build them up, give them stature, and credibility. You position them as experts in front of potential customers. This will make clients lend their ears to your teammate during a presentation. This is how edification works:

  1. Mention your teammate’s background and what they did before they became an IWA.
  2. Share your teammate’s current ranking and their future plans.
  3. Introduce your teammate to your client.


As a leader, you are the backbone of your team. You should have the ability to encourage each and every member, instill confidence, and improve your team’s productivity. A great leader will step up in difficult situations and take ownership of the decision-making. They empower every member to give their best and work at their full potential. Lastly, a great leader will drive the team forward and help them achieve their goals.

Once you are able to master these essential skills, you will become an effective IWA, networker, and leader. You will be able to create a powerhouse team of highly-motivated members who are goal-driven and hungry for success.

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