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There are 17 career levels in WEWE, and every month you have to do your best to get the rewards goal of your level. In fact, you could get the reward amount that would be due for a lower level. This is because aside of your Career Rank, there is the Monthly Commissionable Rank.

What is the Career Rank?

An Independent WEWE Associate (IWA) has a main rank, called Career Rank. The Career Rank grows with:

  • Personal purchase
  • Number of direct users
  • Turnover of direct users
  • Network turnover.

The Career Rank grows with the work being done month after month, and IWA qualifies in the career plan.

The Career Rank is updated every time the IWA reaches new career goals: they will see their Career Rank status change on the dashboard, but only at the beginning of the month, the IWA get what they deserve for the last monthly referral activity.

There are 17 Career Ranks. Once a rank is reached, the IWA maintains that rank forever, even if they stop working.

The main Career Rank cannot decrease. For example, if the IWA becomes Ambassador 6 Stars, they will never return Director 5 Stars or lower ranks.

Each month, the IWA must be active and qualified to take part in the compensation plan. Active means having achieved the minimum turnover in the direct members’ purchases (users on the first level). Qualified means have made the minimum turnover in the network.

What is the Monthly Commissionable Rank?

The Monthly Commissionable Rank is the one that determine the reward amount the IWA receives in the working month.

If the IWA is Director 5 Stars, in the compensation plan he has the targets of a Director 5 Stars — which in this case is 300 WEWEX in the first level, and 25,000 WEWEX as network turnover.

If the IWA does not reach the minimum turnover of the Director 5 Stars, IWA will be paid based on what they reached as Monthly Commissionable Rank.

For example, if the IWA is a Director 5 Stars as Career Rank but their turnovers match the requirements for Director 4 Stars (or even smaller), the IWA will be paid as such and get a Monthly Commissionable Rank of a Director 4 Stars (or even smaller).

To sum up:

  • The Career Rank cannot go down regardless of the activity, it can only remain the same or rise to higher qualifications. If the IWA works poorly, what changes is the Monthly Commissionable Rank.
  • The requirements for Career Rank and Monthly Commissionable Rank are not the same — they are different turnover points goals.

So every month the IWA has to:

  • Do their best to move up their career and reach the next Career Rank
  • Achieve the requirements for obtaining the Monthly Commissionable Rank that meet to their Career Rank. For example, if the IWA is an Ambassador 6 Stars, the IWA wants to reach the minimum Monthly Commissionable Rank turnover of the Ambassador 6 Stars. If the Monthly Commissionable Rank requirement is not met, the IWA will earn as a Director 5 Stars or minor ranks.

Now that you know better the difference between Career Rank and Monthly Commissionable Rank, share this know-how with your team!
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