Career Rank and Monthly Commissionable Rank

What is the Career Rank?

  • Personal purchase
  • Number of direct users
  • Turnover of direct users
  • Network turnover.

What is the Monthly Commissionable Rank?

To sum up:

  • The Career Rank cannot go down regardless of the activity, it can only remain the same or rise to higher qualifications. If the IWA works poorly, what changes is the Monthly Commissionable Rank.
  • The requirements for Career Rank and Monthly Commissionable Rank are not the same — they are different turnover points goals.
  • Do their best to move up their career and reach the next Career Rank
  • Achieve the requirements for obtaining the Monthly Commissionable Rank that meet to their Career Rank. For example, if the IWA is an Ambassador 6 Stars, the IWA wants to reach the minimum Monthly Commissionable Rank turnover of the Ambassador 6 Stars. If the Monthly Commissionable Rank requirement is not met, the IWA will earn as a Director 5 Stars or minor ranks.



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