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The Cloud Minting Program is a service to rent hardware and minttokens. You can store them or swap them for bitcoin. The revolution of minting!

With the power of the cloud, you can now start minting cryptocurrencies by renting hardware for a period of 900 days. Our newest product Cloud Minting Programs is available on the WEWE Global platform and is one of our best products to come.

It is a new concept where you can rent hardware to mint tokens for you. Instead of buying and maintaining expensive hardware, you can just rent the hardware and it will mint the tokens. It is a hassle-free way of minting tokens.

Cloud Minting Programs

On WEWE Global, you can buy different packages of Cloud Minting Programs that range from €500 to €100,000 based on the size of the megahashes and terabytes. You can rent an entire hardware — which costs €5000 — or a part of it, or several. Smaller hardware priced at an affordable price of €100 and €300 are only available outside of Europe.

What Is Minting?

Minting is a form of cryptocurrency mining based on the proof-of-space protocol. Through minting, tokens are entered from the total supply to the circulating supply.

To start minting, you need hardware. Usually is not easy to mint or mine tokens on standard PCs or laptops, but requires specialized hardware with large amounts of hard disk space and computing power.

People who start minting, usually need to first purchase the hardware, set it up and then manage it to continue with the work. Managing these large machines is not simple: it has to be assembled, controlled, since it heats up easily, and needs regular maintenance. All these machines can take up a lot of space if you need to find a suitable place to put it up.

With the Cloud Minting Program, you can just select your package and we will assign you a hardware that will instantly start minting tokens for you.

WEWE Global Is the Best Place to Start Minting

The Cloud Minting Program is only exclusively available on the WEWE Global platform as we keep bringing you the newest technologies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

This is the time to start minting your own tokens and become part of the cryptocurrency generation. Choose your program from your WEWE Global account and get your assigned hardware today!

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