Easy to Mint Tokens With Cloud Minting Programs

Cloud Minting Programs

On WEWE Global, you can buy different packages of Cloud Minting Programs that range from €500 to €100,000 based on the size of the megahashes and terabytes. You can rent an entire hardware — which costs €5000 — or a part of it, or several. Smaller hardware priced at an affordable price of €100 and €300 are only available outside of Europe.

What Is Minting?

Minting is a form of cryptocurrency mining based on the proof-of-space protocol. Through minting, tokens are entered from the total supply to the circulating supply.

In Partnership with LYOFi

The Cloud Minting Program has been brought to you in association with LYOFi, registered as DIGIFI GROUP LTD, a subsidiary of LYOPAY that handles the minting of LYOCREDIT tokens. LYOFi is a crypto-platform for minting, liquidity, farming and staking services. They provide the tools to get the most from your cryptocurrencies. WEWE Global has partnered with LYOFi to bring more such products that will allow the Community to use cryptocurrencies for different purposes and even earn from them.


LYOCREDIT is the utility token that is to be used on the LYO ecosystem. With the LYOCREDIT token you can use it to buy and sell products and services, make payments, pay transaction fees, and get discounts and rewards.

WEWE Global Is the Best Place to Start Minting

The Cloud Minting Program is only exclusively available on the WEWE Global platform as we keep bringing you the newest technologies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.



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