Get Daily Token Rewards for 900 Days with the Cloud Minting Program

WEWE Global’s partnership with LYOFi brings you Cloud Minting Program, a service that enables you to mint tokens on a rental basis, taking away the hassle of buying and managing your own hardware. The minting machine is located in a secure location and you can monitor its status online.

If you want to mint tokens, you need a minting machine. And apart from shelling out a substantial amount of money for that hardware, you still need to keep tabs on it, manage it, and prevent it from heating up. But with the help of the cloud, you can mint tokens without the hassle of checking it from time to time.

WEWE Global’s partnership with LYOFi presents to its users an innovative technology of minting tokens — cloud minting. This technology brings the power of the cloud into play when it comes to minting tokens. Users can do it without buying hardware and finding a space for it in their homes.

Hardware Rental Contract

Users can rent a minting hardware or several parts of it. An entire machine costs €5,000 and individual parts of it range from €100 — €300. Moreover, users can choose from the different Cloud Minting Programs available that are priced between €500-€100,000 depending on the megahashes and terabytes.

Once you have chosen a specific program, you will be under a rental contract that will last for 900 days. This means that on the day you agree on the contract, your rented minting machine will start minting tokens non-stop for that duration.

What is minting?

Minting is a type of cryptocurrency mining that is based on the proof-of-space protocol. It is a process of harvesting tokens from the total supply and entering it to the circulating supply. A high-powered computer, specialized hardware, and large hard disk space are needed to do this.

People who mint buy these parts separately and assemble them by themselves. Once the setup is complete, users need to check it regularly to make sure that the machine will not overheat. On the other hand, minting tokens with our Cloud Minting Program will start with only just a few clicks.

LYOFi and LYO Credit Tokens

The Cloud Minting Program of WEWE Global is made possible by LYOFi, a crypto-platform for minting, liquidity, farming, and staking services. With this exclusive partnership, users of WEWE Global can mint LYO Credit tokens, the utility token of LYOPAY.

You can use LYO Credit tokens to make payments, buy and sell products and services, and staking. Users can also choose to convert it to fiat or trade it with other cryptocurrencies.

Start minting LYO Credit tokens today by creating an account on WEWE Global here. Stay updated about our upcoming products and services by following our social media channels.

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Crypto multi-services platform and Entrepreneur career plan 🎯 Discover the project!

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Crypto multi-services platform and Entrepreneur career plan 🎯 Discover the project!

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