New Staking Service on WEWE Global

The new staking service is here! 🎉 Ready to work on one of our favorites token: the LYOCREDIT!

Set your LYOCREDIT in the staking wallet and start receiving rewards! Your wallet works, and you get rewards.

1️. How to Stake

You can stake the value of one or more MULTISERVICES BOX. If you purchased MULTISERVICES BOX, you’ll find them under Launchpad menu of your account.

2. Get Rewards

• You will receive rewards every month for 12 months!

• The reward is in WEWEX. As soon as you receive the reward in the wallet, you can withdraw them to the Swap Wallet trading to bitcoin.

• The staking reward is not linked to the LYOCREDIT token value.

To know more about it, read on

Enjoy the new service! 🚀 Only on



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