The Power of Referral Marketing

Being able to create your own business by using referral marketing grants you the power to grow, work anywhere, with people worldwide. The goal is to climb the career and all people push you to do it: no limitations, only achievements. This is the power of referral marketing at WEWE Global.

Referral marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing any company can be blessed with. It is a marketing method that helps the general public judge a brand and then through word-of-mouth recommend that brand to their peers. It is also called word-of-mouth marketing, meaning that your brand value travels by people telling each other about how good a certain product is.

Research company, Nielsen, in their 2010 research says that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know who are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

This type of marketing is based on trust. Who would you trust more? A friend or family member who has used a certain product and had a great customer experience? Or an ad you saw on your commute to work blaring at you to buy their latest product? The answer is easy, you’d trust your friend or family more.

What Makes Our Referral System Different?

Referral marketing is probably the best way to create a community for any organization. When people who know each other enter the company through the process of referral, you create a dedicated community of customers.

Our customers are like-minded individuals who trust WEWE and create their activity with it. This is how we have made the WEWE Global Community, where trust is the number one priority and everyone looks out for each other for the interest of the brand. Only a few organizations can say they are as blessed to have a dedicated community as WEWE Global.

Through referral marketing, we as an organization get to create a dedicated community. But what do our customers get in return?

Other organizations usually give nominal discounts and maybe a one-time reward for bringing in a potential customer. Comparatively, WEWE Global goes beyond and has created an entire referral system that can provide you numerous discounts and rewards continuously… if you’re a serious entrepreneur.

Benefits of Referral Marketing

The best part about the referral system at WEWE Global is that it allows you to take your career into your own hands. By creating new business activities on the platform, you can create a career path for yourself as you increase in rank and turnover. The platform gives equal opportunity to everyone so that they can use their network to grow within the community.

Who Is Referral Marketing Suitable For?

This type of profession is suitable for a person who does not believe in a fixed salary as your turnover is only limited by how much you can work. It provides you with personal growth as you carve out your own career path by moving through the ranks and making your network grow. A truly independent person can grow exponentially as they create their own path, of course with the help of the community.

How Does Referral Marketing Work at WEWE Global?

All members of WEWE Global have the option to create referral link so that they can invite their friends and family to join this platform. When you sign in to your WEWE-ID, you’ll see a link icon on the top right corner. This is your unique referral link along with a QR code for easy referral. Anyone who uses this link will be able to join WEWE Global as a referral and will be assigned under you in your network.

Any time someone in your network makes a purchase or does an interaction, as the person who referred them to WEWE Global, you will get some of the rewards. As your network grows, you will be able to create a higher turnover for yourself.


WEWE Global has a very robust referral system in place. With the number of referees in your network and the amount of monthly turnover you make, you are assigned a rank. There are 17 ranks overall, starting from the IWA Client, which is the most basic rank, all the way up to the coveted Crown Ambassador.

As you create more business activity within your network, you will be able to receive more bonuses. There are different types of bonus plans available on the platform that have varying rewards, based on your style of business, such as Direct Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Infinity Bonus, Matching Bonus, and Global Pool Bonus.

Now that you understand what the power of referral marketing holds, sign up on WEWE Global and share your referral link with others to show them how amazing the platform is. There are a lot of avenues for creating business on the platform and we keep bringing great new products from third-parties at a discounted price for our members.

Stay in touch with our social media to learn more about all the new products and upcoming offers on WEWE Global!

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