The uses of Wewe virtual tokens are infinite!

WEWE Global
2 min readAug 17, 2021

WEWE is the internal virtual token of WEWE Global. In this article you will learn all the things you can do with WEWE. But first, let’s give you a quick summary of our company.

What we do

WEWE Global is the IT platform owned by WEWE-DAO and company “DIGITECH SERVICES LTD” BVI used by third parties who have joined the platform, for the publication and promotion of products and services, with decentralized App or just for be a Member of the WEWE Global ecosystem.

The uses of WEWE virtual tokens are infinite!

You can use our WEWE token for purchasing products and services shown on our platform, and process transactions in the ecosystem as well. Customers using the WEWE virtual token can earn prizes or vouchers that give access to a promotional discount on the products offered by partners on the WEWE Global portal.

WEWE Global tokens are necessary to use the services of our ecosystem. Their value depends on the network growth. The more our network grows, the more valuable the token will be. Remember that WEWE virtual token has value only within the WEWE Global ecosystem.

How to get a WEWE virtual token

But how can you get a WEWE virtual token? There are three ways ahead. You can purchase products, use our services, or give your contribution to the community through the referral link you have.

Let’s talk about fees

A fee is the sum that the service provider must receive from the beneficiary for the provision of the service and the user pays directly to the partner within the download app in the WEWE Global Platform. It’s a fixed price charged for a specific service.

Since WEWE Global is not an investment, there are no purchase obligations for the customer or promises of returns. Rewards are given if there is activity within the ecosystem; they are not guaranteed. The fees are generated only when you use one of our products. They are collected, and then distributed as rewards partly to those users who first used the platform’s services, partly to the ecosystem for its well-being and work. If there were no transactions nor any use of services, there would be no fees generated.

What is WEWE Global?

WEWE Global is an ecosystem of services and products that users can use after registering. Come pay a visit to us!



WEWE Global

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