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3 min readApr 13, 2022

The WEWE Global Retreat is the most anticipated event for Independent WEWE Ambassadors (IWA) around the world. This get-together of WEWE’s top ambassadors that runs for five to seven days is packed with business meetings, personal development trainings, and luxurious celebrations.

WEWE Global is a multi-service platform that is backed by an exponentially growing community around the world, with more than 140,000 members that come from over 80 countries. While the services are an apparent reason for this expansion, there is another driving force that strengthens its community — the WEWE Global Retreat.

The WEWE Retreat is where the qualified Independent WEWE Ambassadors (IWA) meet in a week-long exclusive gathering. Ambassadors 6 Stars and above receive an invitation to participate in the retreat that is filled with programs that will refine their entrepreneurial skills, strengthen their mindset, and level up their game.

WEWE Events

There are different kinds of events under WEWE Global aside from the retreat: Online Meeting, where members convene via video call; Home Meeting, where managers or team leaders invite their team to their homes; and Hotel Meeting, where members join a one-day training in a hotel.

At the top of that list is the WEWE Global Retreat. This event is only attended by qualified Ambassadors who received an invitation from WEWE Global. Ambassadors should meet a specific turnover to make the cut.

Why You Should Attend the Retreat

Getting that much-awaited email does not mean that you need to attend — you can still opt out. But why is it important to participate in the retreat? Here are a few reasons:

Work recognition

There is only one reason why you were invited: you went the extra mile and now is the time to claim your prize. Remember that the selection process is not by chance or luck, it is by hard work. And that invitation means that you worked the hardest among thousands of other digital entrepreneurs around the world. Those sleepless nights and the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into your work will now pay off. The retreat is the fruit of your labor and you deserve to have it.

Trainings and seminars

You made it to the top tier — that’s great news! However, no matter how good you were prior to the retreat, learning new things should not stop. There is a vast field of untapped knowledge out there and you can unlock it during the trainings and seminars that are conducted in the retreat. These programs will help you gain mastery about the industry and formulate innovative strategies that you can use for your business or share with your network.

Get inspired and motivated

The retreat will bring WEWE Global’s top digital entrepreneurs from around the world together and you will have the opportunity to spend time with them for five to seven days. Know their stories, how they got to where they are today, their perspective about life, and share yours as well. You can also exchange insights with them and create a connection. With WEWE Global Retreat, you can inspire and get inspired.

Travel the world

The WEWE Global Retreat will not take place in one country only. Instead, it will take its ambassadors around the world to remind them that you can go far when you have passion, dedication, and hard work. The first ever retreat happened in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and the second one was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For the first retreat of 2022, WEWE Global will take its ambassadors back to the luxurious city of Dubai.

The WEWE Global Retreat is not a vacation. It is an experience. It is an event brimming with knowledge, inspiration, ideas, and leisure — a week of opportunities to expand your horizons. Follow WEWE Global’s social media channels to stay updated.




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