WEWE Global: A Multi-Service Platform With Multiple Benefits

WEWE Global
3 min readMar 22, 2022


WEWE Global is a platform packed with numerous products and services that can be paid using cryptocurrencies and WEWE virtual tokens. Moreover, since it is a DAO, every member of the community can put their ideas forward to align the services of WEWE with the interests of the platform’s members.

Benefits of joining WEWE

Every product and service included on the list can work perfectly on their own. However, as members of the WEWE Global community, there are discounts and benefits that only them can enjoy. These include:

  • Exclusive discounts on services in WEWE Global
  • Using WEWE tokens for partial payments
  • Transaction fees that go straight to the community
  • Referral program where commissions are earned through purchases

It is important to note that WEWE Global’s lineup of products and services are provided by third party companies and discounts on these are only given to the members of the community.

Here’s a roster of products and services that can be accessed on the WEWE Global platform.

Products and Services


Staking is one method of verifying crypto transactions before placing them in the blockchain. Users can do this by putting their wallets into work through adding coins to their stake wallet, giving the network a helping hand in validating transactions. In return, users get rewards from their stake wallets work.


Newbie traders will have a smooth sailing start in the crypto trading game with Cryptobulls.biz. Users can learn numerous trading styles and strategies that will help them make intelligent investment decisions and upside. Cryptobulls.biz is equipped with advanced algorithms that will enhance the crypto trading knowledge of WEWE Global users.


Travel4You is a travel agency that allows users to pay for their travels with cryptocurrencies. Members of WEWE Global will enjoy exclusive offers and discounts of up to 70% on their next trips. Travel4You has partnerships with the leading hotels around the world to give its clients a memorable vacation experience.


MyBitcoin can serve as the users’ right hand in managing their cryptocurrencies. It uses AI technology to make crypto price calculations more accurate, faster, and free from human error. With MyBitcoin’s deep learning capabilities, users can formulate better investment and trading decisions.


Users can stay in the know about emerging crypto projects and become a part of them before their official launch. Launchpad gives users the opportunity to buy tokens at a much cheaper price.

Referral program

The main selling point of WEWE Global is its referral bonus. Members will be granted access to the multi-service platform and will enjoy daily commissions that come from community members who are using the services. Furthermore, IWAs will be able to receive rewards based on their performance.

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WEWE Global

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