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WEWE Global
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What Is WEWE Global?

Here we see how to describe what the WEWE Global project is, what its benefits are, and what it intends to create.

  • WEWE Global is a multi–service platform which presents products and services created by companies and project partners. They are accessible through the wewe.global platform.
  • The main feature of WEWE Global is the referral program. With it, a person can create a business activity, as an IWA — Independent WEWE Associate.
  • 70% of the fees collected are redistributed to community members automatically according to smart contracts rules.

What Is a Multi–service Platform?

WEWE Global is a digital multi–service platform that connects the products of many companies with people all over the world.

A user who has created their account on the platform purchases the products and services offered. These are services of various kinds, since WEWE Global covers different sectors: travel, trading signals, academy courses, token stakes, and more. There is no limit to what can be on offer.

The features common to all services are:

  • They can be purchased by paying in cryptocurrency and in WEWE virtual token
  • The purchase transaction includes a WEWE virtual token fee
  • There are third-party companies chosen for their expertise and growth targets that can match those of the WEWE Global community.

It is an multi–service platform and not a simple platform because:

  1. These are products for different purposes and market sectors — they can be anything as long as they are interesting for the people at WEWE Global.
  2. The products belong to third-party companies and projects with which WEWE Global forms partnerships. WEWE Global does not manage the products directly, but integrates them into the multi–service platform so that people can use them.

What Products Are Available on WEWE Global?

There are many products available on the WEWE Global platform right now as we’ve partnered with quite some great third-party providers.

Referral Bonus

The main WEWE Global product is access to the WEWE multi–service platform. By becoming a member of WEWE Global, you’ll get access to the WEWE. You’ll be able to receive daily commissions generated from services usage which is distributed between community members. As a member, you will receive rewards based on the number of licenses, and on your career as an IWA.


Receive offers and discounts of up to 70% on your travels.


A cryptocurrency payments app that integrates many day-to-day services, such as payments, e-commerce, and many more.


Learn to manage your cryptocurrencies thanks to an AI prediction service.


Deposit your tokens and get rewards from masternodes, DeFi, Stake, and SMARTPOOL.


Follow the signals and buy crypto on autopilot.


Buy tokens and take part in a crypto project before their official launch.


Rent hardware for cloud minting. Share your megahash and terabytes to start minting LYOCREDIT tokens.

Why Access These Products Through WEWE Global?

A person can access the products of our partners without going through WEWE Global, but they lose an opportunity. The benefits of using third-party products through WEWE Global are:

  • Pay in cryptocurrency and WEWE virtual tokens
  • Enjoy discounts
  • Receive rewards within your network
  • Contribute to the generation of fees that will be collected and then redistributed to community members.

How Does the Fee Redistribution System Work?

Each transaction that takes place through user wallets, or a purchase transaction, or a transaction on the peer-to-peer exchange, involves paying a fee. The fees in the multi–service platform are in the WEWE virtual token. Thanks to the fees, the platform exists and works, since its management and maintenance involve a cost. This is how most digital projects and companies operate, but at WEWE Global some of this wealth is distributed back to the users. 70% goes back to the community. The rest is to pay for maintenance costs.

This means that the more activities that take place among people in the project, the more people will receive.

The parts into which the fees are divided have been established so that the cost system is sustainable; they are automatically written into the system through smart contracts. They operate independently according to written rules: the community already knows when the fees collected will be re-paid and how they will receive them. This automation is one of the advantages of blockchain technology.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

A referral code is required to create an account in the WEWE Global multi–service platform. This is because each account is directly linked to at least one other, that of its referral person. When a user makes purchases, their sponsor receives rewards. This encourages product sharing, but there’s a lot more: you can create a career at WEWE Global.

WEWE Global now offers eight bonus plans on which you get rewards when people in your network make purchases. The more your team grows in number and the more active it is, the more your qualification rises, moving to an even higher rank, unlocking more career plans.

You can work with people from all over the world from your computer and participate in the thousands of conferences that take place every day. You can exchange information and grow, because here everyone has an interest that everyone achieves their targets because in an multi–service platform like WEWE Global the victory of one is a victory for everyone.

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