WEWE Payplan Summary: Everything You Need to Know

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3 min readAug 24, 2022


The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is under way and people must use the right tools to get on board the crypto train. These tools can be found on WEWE Global, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that serves as a platform to provide third-party crypto services to its users worldwide.

WEWE Global users do not remain as users. They go a step further and become IWAs or Independent WEWE Ambassadors, which refers to digital entrepreneurs who encourage people to use WEWE Global’s services. In return, they will be generously rewarded through the WEWE Payplan.

What is WEWE Payplan?

It is a compensation model developed by WEWE Global that will enable users to receive the rewards they deserve. To gain access to the WEWE Payplan, ‌join the WEWE Referral Program first to be an IWA so you can create your own team, and grow your network. Then, you will have the freedom to choose among the different types of payplans you want.

Below are various types of WEWE Global bonuses that you can achieve:

Direct Bonus

In this bonus, you will receive an incentive when a user in your First Level purchases a MULTISERVICES BOX or a Cloud Minting Program. Specifically, 5% of their every purchase will go straight to you.

Infinity Bonus

This is a monthly bonus according to your network’s turnover of that same month. However, there are monthly requirements that you should meet to be eligible for the commissions:

First Level activation is needed to be an Active IWA Reseller; to be a Qualified IWA Reseller, a minimum team turnover is a must.

Matching Bonus

Here, you will get 20% of the Infinity monthly payment of the first person of your downline who matches your qualification. If any team member overtakes your rank, this bonus plan will not be longer applicable for you.

Global Pool Bonus

Here, active and qualified Ambassadors 9 and above, including the Crown Ambassadors will share 1% of the total worldwide turnover. Then, a reserved pool for Crown Ambassadors only to share the 1% of the total worldwide turnover.

Fast Start Bonus

It only works with Cloud Minting Programs. Here, you can receive a 10% bonus from your network’s Cloud Minting Program turnover in your first 15 days.

Runner Builder Pool

This will give you access to an exclusive pool where you can share 1% of the worldwide monthly turnover. Runner Builder Pool is valid for the first 30 days after your registration and is only applicable on your network’s purchase of Cloud Minting Program and MULTISERVICE BOX. A minimum personal purchase of 1,000 WEWEX worth of Cloud Minting Program or MULTISERVICE BOX is required.

Car Program Bonus

Here, you need to be at least an Ambassador 6 Stars with commissionable Rank 10 and above for four consecutive months. After maintaining your rank for four straight months, you will be rewarded.

Quarterly Rewards

The Quarterly Rewards are based on the quarterly turnover of the network. To qualify, the user must at least Director 1 Star, minimum of 1,000 WEWEX of direct user’s turnover, and a team turnover of 90,000 WEWEX.

Higher turnovers, higher rewards

The WEWE Payplan is designed to fairly give IWAs the rewards that match their hardwork. Once you share WEWE Global’s products and services, and encourage other people to purchase and use them, you are halfway through achieving these bonuses and rewards. Be an IWA today and start reaching your goals.

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