What Is a Cloud Minting Program? Why Should You Own One?

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2 min readNov 11, 2022

WEWE Global’s partnership with L-Finance has made Cloud Minting Program available for the platform’s community. Cloud minting allows users to mint tokens without having to buy, own, and manage minting hardware.

One of the innovative products that WEWE Global provides is the Cloud Minting Program. It combines the power of cloud computing and token minting into one service to allow users to mint tokens without having to directly manage the hardware. This service lets you rent minting hardware so you could skip the stages of buying and maintaining a pricey and space-consuming minting machine.

What Is Minting?

Minting is a type of cryptocurrency mining. While mining uses proof-of-work, minting is based on the proof-of-space protocol. This process takes tokens from the total supply and enters them into the circulating supply.

Just like crypto mining, minting also requires more than just a normal laptop or PC. You need high-powered hardware that can hold large amounts of disk space and provide efficient computing power.

Minting is very expensive, not to mention the time you need to spend to set everything up. And since you are assembling the hardware in your house, they can take up a lot of space. Moreover, you need to inspect it regularly to prevent them from heating up and to make sure it is doing its job 100% of the time.

Cloud Minting Program takes away all these hassle. Since the hardware is placed in a remote location, you don’t need to buy, assemble, and regularly look after your minting machine. Just simply select a package in the portal and your machine will start minting tokens.

Increased Maximum Production

The maximum production of a Cloud Minting Program can reach up to x4 when you buy one using LFi Custody Wallet. How? You will receive LFi tokens from the minting production in your LFi Custody Wallet. As soon as you have enough LFi, you can buy any of the Cloud Minting Programs available.

How Is Minting LFi Tokens Worth It?

LFi is the utility token of L-Finance, an ecosystem focused on providing decentralized services. It can be vested and become vLFi so you can access their launchpad, DEX yield farming services, and more. Moreover, L-Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO, which allows its users to propose and vote for amendments that can improve the future operations of the platform.

Soon, LFi will be available to trade in various exchanges and will be listed on different price-tracking websites. L-Finance will have its own vesting program, chain, and other services and features that benefit millions of crypto enthusiasts around the world. Start minting LFi tokens now!

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