What Exactly Is WEWE Global?

WEWE Global
2 min readNov 18, 2022

WEWE Global connects the services provided by its partner companies to its community which is composed of thousands of digital entrepreneurs around the world. It is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that allows every member of the community to implement their ideas which will help in the constant improvement of WEWE Global for its people.

WEWE Global is a multiservice platform that merges the power of cryptocurrency with the benefits of referral marketing. Because of this unparalleled combination, WEWE Global is providing its community with different ways to be digital entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

Moreover, WEWE Global is a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. The members of the community are the owners of this platform. They are the ones who decide the changes and improvements that should be made for its improvement. They have the power to submit proposals, vote, and transform WEWE Global into a project that will best fit the needs of the entire community.

The platform is up to speed on cryptocurrency’s impact on the way people around the world make transactions and how it can be a part of their daily lives in the coming years. This is why WEWE Global’s products and services can be paid for with cryptocurrency.

The Services

WEWE Global is built with multiple third-party companies that provide innovative services that can be accessed by thousands of users in the platform. The partner companies include SMARTSTAKE, CryptoBulls, Cloud Minting Program, LAUNCHPAD, and TRAVEL4YOU. For more information about the services that each company offers, you can read them here.

Referral Marketing

WEWE Global’s Referral Marketing transforms users into Independent WEWE Ambassadors (IWA). As an IWA, they can build a team and create their own business through referrals. IWAs can expand their team and receive greater rewards as they ascend to the top.

WEWE Global Retreat

The WEWE Global Retreat is a week-long event for IWAs with ranks Ambassadors 6 stars and above. They are invited to participate in the gathering packed with various training programs that will enhance their entrepreneurial skills, nourish their mindset, and boost their drive to achieve more goals.

How to Get Started?

Joining the WEWE Global community is easy. There are thousands of IWAs around the world that you may contact and can be your sponsor. You need their referral link to complete your registration. Then, buy a product or service to avail of the bonus plan. Lastly, to be updated with online and in-person events, follow WEWE Global’s social media accounts.

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WEWE Global

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